Human health requires large supplies of clean water.

Human health requires large supplies of clean water. The primary reason we need excellent quality water is for drinking. Most of us have heard that you can live for a week without food but only for a few days without water. Of course, it cannot be just any water supply, such as a puddle on the ground. The water should be free of pollutants and disease-causing organisms. Clean drinking water is fundamental to life and to the development of civilization and the growth of communities and industries. We could not exist as a country without clean drinking water. This is why local, state and federal governments have invested in large-scale utilities for delivering clean drinking water.Personal hygiene is another reason we need clean water. We use water to clean clothes, pets, vehicles, houses and ourselves.

Industries require clean water to create products. In the bayou region many of our industries process seafood with water, supply drinking water to the oil industry or use water to package food.

Finally, one of the most important issues related to clean water and human health is sewage treatment. Water is used to transport and treat wastes that humans produce day to day. In fact, treatment of biological wastes through sewage treatment is designed to guarantee that people have clean useable water that is free from disease.