The goal of the Stormwater Infiltration Basin and Pétanque Terrain Project was to build a feature within a local park that would function as a stormwater infiltration basin and as a surface for playing the game of pétanque.

As the bayou region becomes more urban with more impervious surfaces, inventive projects such as this one will be needed to decrease the rate and volume of stormwater released to drainage networks and natural waterbodies while still providing groundwater recharge. Parks and recreational areas have available open areas that can be used to conserve green space by combining stormwater storage with recreation space.

The Stormwater Infiltration Basin and Pétanque Terrain was built by digging a basin (66’ x 66’ x 1’) and filling it with a base of coarse crushed rock to provide pore space and volume for stormwater storage, water filtration and groundwater recharge. The top of the basin was made of fine, compacted, crushed rock for the pétanque playing surface. The BTNEP Stormwater Infiltration Basin and Pétanque Terrain is estimated to be able to store approximately 8,600 gallons of stormwater.

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